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Daily Budget

Daily budget planner

Start saving money right now with a very fresh and simple technique!

Daily Budget

Simple app to simply organise your budget

Hello my friend, let's be honest here— when you spend your money it doesn't really matter on what you've spent it, which "category" it is: food, clothes, fun or whatever else. The only one thing that maters is an amount itself— 5, 20, 100 or 1000. It's so simple, right? So is our app.

put your income to calculate daily budget

We have minimalistic design, and minimum of functionality. Just a very simple app— put your income and how much you want to save monthly, we calculate how much is your daily limit

No categories, no complex graphics and statistics, screw it!

Add every expenses during day. No categories, no graphics, just a number.
Don’t exceed your daily limit. The budget left from previous day will be added to a next day. If you exceed your daily limit, the next day’s budget will be reduced by overspent amount

start saving right now

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